Publishers Terms & Conditions

1/ Registration
In order to have an account on the website:, you need to correctly complete the registration form. It is permitted to have only one account by one person with a unique IP address. The desire to have an account by two or more different persons with the same IP address should be reported to the support section of the website.

2/ Content
The content of the Publisher websites must meet the following conditions: Does not include any racial, ethnic or political content. Does not include any gratuitous violence or profanity. Does not include any prescription of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia. Does not include any porn or adult content. Does not include any hacking and illegal activity. Does not include any software pirating (Warez, P2P, Bit torrent etc.).

Owner of website must have full rights for website content.

3/ Advertisements
The service has four types of displayed advertisements with sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600. Each advert has an individual code, which should be copied to the website. Modification of the advertising code is not allowed. Prices for the advertisement are calculated in the CPM model and depend on the country, in which the advert was displayed. You can display up to 3 advertisements of the on one website. Advertisements must be visible for users, and they must have CTR at a minimum level of 0.1%.

4/ Traffic sources
Our ads can't be displayed on pages where source of traffic is non-real, which means: Traffic comes from purchased impressions or clicks. Traffic comes from website that generate false move or changes in the original source of displays caused by programs and applications designed for this purpose.

5/ Remuneration
Remuneration of the user is displayed in real time.

6/ Payouts
Currently, there are few methods of payment through the Paypal. In order to receive the payment, the user must have a minimum amount for the payout order. In case of payments by Paypal, a minimum amount is 5$. Realization of payouts is carried out within 30 days.

7/ Errors on the website
It is forbidden to use errors connected with the wesbite's activity. If you notice an error on the website, please contact with the site administrator.

8/ Final Provisions
Regulations have been written on February 22, 2018 and it can be change at any time. A person with an account, who does not adhere to the rules may be blocked.